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Mom's Banana Bread

Look, I know everyone has a banana bread recipe, but did your mom’s win a contest? I didn’t think so.

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Sweet and Creamy Smoothie

Don’t worry, even though it’s green and looks healthy, it tastes like you’re eating dessert.

Taco Tuesday!

Full disclosure: Tacos not actually made on a Tuesday.

Butternut Squash Mac & “Cheese” with Kale Chips

A new recipe! Butternut Squash Mac & “Cheese”, topped with crispy kale chips. Get some.

The Seed

The Seed in Soho! The biggest vegan event this year: two days, around 80 vendors and exhibitors, amazing speakers, and film screenings.

Sweet & Sara Smores

A little warning, I’m going to mention the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary about a billion times on this site. A trip to that sanctuary was all Keith and I needed to become vegans. It’s run by such good people and … View full article

June Event #1 - Vegan Shop-Up

We take a trip to the Vegan Shop-Up in Bushwick, held at the Pine Box Rock Shop, the only vegan bar in NYC, and fill our bellies with loads of tasty vegan treats.

Spicy Fried Goodness

Buffalo Shrimp with Blue Cheese, Roasted Lemon Asparagus, and Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes. A feast for meat and potato types. Get the recipes!

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A review of the delicious Parmela, the parmesan replacement that is cheesy goodness!

Weekend Tofu Scramble

A weekend staple, it’s our Tofu Scramble, made with potatoes and Field Roast apple sage sausage. Get the recipe!


We take a stroll over to Union Square for the Veggie Pride Parade and meet the Vegan Drag Queen and make her Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread. Recipe included.