3 Brothers Pizza

There are many amazing vegan restaurants in New York City (many of which you will hear about right here on this blog very soon) but recently, we checked out a restaurant in a land far, far away called Long Island.
I had read about 3 Brothers Pizza a while ago but really never had any reason to go out to Long Island, but finally the cravings got to be too much so we rented a car and headed out there.
I love John’s of 12th Street here in NYC, which has great vegan Italian fare, but 3 Brothers had veganized some Italian recipes I had never seen veganized before. Additionally, I just love the story: a kid who works in his dad’s pizza parlor goes vegan, and dad lets him puts vegan items on the menu. Vegans flock to the place, and the kid wins a PETA award.
Anyway, here were some of my favorite items on the menu:
Eggplant freakin’ rollatini. One of my pre-vegan favorites. Not sure how they did the vegan ricotta so well but it was to die for.
3 Bros Eggplant Rollatini
Cheesy mozzarella sticks made with Daiya!
3 Bros Mozzarella Sticks
Well, full disclosure here, we had a couple of great entrees– penne alla vodka and vegetable lasagna– but ate them so fast that we forgot to take pictures. Oops. Anyway, if you happen to be in the neighborhood (ok, just rent a car and go out there), you’ll really enjoy it.
3 Bros Menu

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