Welcome to Vegan Fatty Boombalatty!


About Us:
We’re Keith and Stacy, married since 2000, vegetarians since forever, vegans since 2011. We live in New York City and think it’s the best place in the whole wide world. We share a wee apartment with our pit bull Butters (and the angels of our beloved pups, Devo, Digit and Turk).


Stacy is the blabbermouth (aka writer) of the site, and Keith is the designer and photographer extraordinaire.

Stacy is a physician specializing in women’s health and is proud to work at Planned Parenthood. She is originally from Florida, and is also Italian-American, which makes her the rarely-seen-in-the-wild Italian hillbilly. This of course influences her food tastes; while she considers spaghetti a meal to be eaten at any time of day, she also loves deep fried vegan chicken wings, biscuits and gravy.


Keith is a graphic designer, originally from New Hampshire, which influences his love of a seitan and potatoes kind of cuisine. He also occasionally screams out “Live free or die!” for absolutely no reason.
Fatty Boombalatties

Why Vegan?
Keith and Stacy become vegan after a trip to Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. After meeting the amazing and incredible animals that had suffered so much as a result of the meat, egg and dairy industry, we swore off all animal products for good.


For more information on the “why’s” of veganism, including info and videos on animal rights, health, and the environment, please visit The Vegan Society.


What’s a Fatty Boombalatty?
Our webpage title has nothing to do with weight, body shapes or sizes. In our home, fatty boombalatty has always been used as a term of endearment that means a big appetite, a love for food and a love for life. Nothing makes Stacy happier than watching Keith scarf down one of her meals and calling him a big fatty boombalatty. We hope this site helps you discover the fatty boombalatty that lives inside of you!


Do you have a question for us? Please email us at Stacy@VeganFatty.com or visit our Contact page.