Agedashi Tofu

Lately I’ve been loving the blog “One Happy Table“. Super impressed by her month of daily posts (I can barely wake myself up in the morning most days) and she’s always got healthful, vegan recipes for the whole family. I think I’ve made probably half of the recipes on the blog!
Recently she put up a recipe for agedashi tofu. This is often hard to eat in restaurants as they put bonito (fish) flakes on it and sometimes it has a fish dashi (broth). This is a healthy at-home version with seaweed in place of the bonito. While her recipe doesn’t call for frying the tofu, this happens to be A Fatty Blog, and I like my tofu very crispy.
This recipe is perfect for a summer lunch, or to be served as an appetizer before Japanese meals like sushi or soba noodles.