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Did you know you can be your own little cheesemaker? Yes, you can!

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Crunchy and delicious agedashi tofu.


French food gets veganized.


NYC’s Dirt Candy cookbook and their famous vegan jalapeno hush puppies.


Obsessive Confection Disorder has the best vegan caramels in the whole dang world.

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A vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe that tastes just like non-vegan cookies. So there.


We visit the best doughnut shop in NYC.


A vegan holiday party in Brooklyn!

Parsnip Risotto

Creamy parnsips are amazing with risotto, and a perfect winter dish.

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With the help from Miyoko Schinner and her new book Artisan Vegan Cheese, we enjoy some Fondue.


We have a vegan Thanksgiving food blowout. Lots of pics, as well as a recipe for Pecan Pie Tartlets.

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The warm smell of freshly baked bread helps warm our hurricane-recovering home.


My friend Emily has a big pizza party and vegan cashew cheese wins the day.

Chick'n Tikii Masala

A decidedly non-vegan Indian dish deliciously veganized.


Using my handy pasta app, I veganize a pasta recipe using Field Roast Sausage

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20th Century

Hey, vegan doesn’t always mean healthy. Cheers, and enjoy this delicious gin-based cocktail.

Eggless Salad Sandwich

I use The Vegg to make a great egg salad stand-in.

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Drunken Pasta

Red wine fans will love this dish, and the purple noodles are sure to impress guests.


We pig out on some Japanese desserts at Hell’s Kitchen’s Kyotofu.

Spring Rolls with Peanut Sauce

This peanut sauce recipes comes from one of my favorite Vietnamese restaurants and makes the perfect dipping sauce for your summer rolls.

Creamy, noochy mac and cheez

We take a trip to New Hampshire and find a vegan happy place.

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Bananas Foster

Boozy, sweet, syrupy bananas afire.

Chef Chloe's Molten Chocolate Cake

Chef Chloe’s Molten Chocolate Cakes with Raspberry Sauce.

Pad Thai

A delicious vegan version of pad thai.

Getting our book signed

We head over to Moo Shoes for the book release party for the indefatigable Jenny Brown, founder of the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, and co-authored by Gretchen Primack.

Vegan Drinks

Vegan drinks plus pizza at Pala with Jersey City Vegan’s Emily and Melissa!

French toast

Keith and I finally do brunch at the new Cafe Blossom in the West Village.

Animals Should Be Off The Menu

If you have have been uncertain about whether or not to go veg, this is the video for you.

Nonna Lucia's Linguini

This was one of my favorite recipes of her’s growing up. Every time I make it, the smell reminds me of my grandma’s kitchen.

Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary July Jamboree

We take a trip up to the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary for the July Jamboree!