Choco Caramel Bread Pudding

As I continue on with Vegan MoFo, I decided I’d give you one mofo of a recipe. (Sorry, that was terrible, and I’m writing this post late at night. Forgive me.)
But seriously, this recipe is ridiculous. This was a recipe that, after I went vegan, I thought, well, I can’t have that anymore. Then I became a Super Vegan, and decided I could conquer any recipe. Lo and behold, vegan bread pudding was born. It really took some experimenting, though. For my caramel sauce I first tried to sub in soy creamer, but the caramel had a weird soy taste, and cashew cream was what made it eventually work. To make the bread get that pudding-like texture, an initial attempt with silken tofu alone failed, but adding Ener-G egg replacer made it juuuuust right.

Anyway, invite your southernfolk friends and relatives over and impress them with your pudding-y ways. Enjoy.