Brown Butter Hazelnut Cookies

Due to design concerns, I can only make my post titles so long. So now let’s call this recipe what it is: Chocolate Hazelnut Creme-filled Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies with Fleur de Sel.
The inspiration for these cookies came from my Facebook feed; I had seen this recipe from The Ambitious Kitchen keep popping up. It is a decidedly un-vegan recipe, but I love to veganize stuff like this. It was super easy, and they were a huge hit at a recent holiday party amongst vegans and non-vegans.
I can’t remember where I learned this trick, but I learned it a while ago when I suddenly realized that even though I was vegan I still wanted browned butter with sage sauce on my vegan ravioli. Butter browns because of the milk solids, but this is easy to do with Earth Balance; you just add about 1 Tablespoon of unsweetened, plain almond milk to each cup of Earth Balance, and the almond solids do the trick.
The original recipe also called for Nutella, and for some dumb reason Nutella has milk in it. I loved Nutella in my pre-vegan days, and when I became a vegan I switched to a yummy brand called Choc & Nut which I purchased on Vegan Cuts originally but now get from Vegan Essentials. I actually think the Choc & Nut has a much more rich and complex flavor than Nutella. And you could also always make your own if you were so inclined.
Anyway, here’s the recipe, perfect for that midday Christmas treat. Enjoy!