Butternut Squash Mac & “Cheese”

Butternut Squash Mac & “Cheese” with Kale Chips
I put off becoming a vegan for a while, thinking I’d never be able to give up cheese. Eventually I realized, as many vegans do, that I hated cruelty more than I loved cheese.
What I didn’t expect was to find so many great alternatives that don’t leave me missing anything. Aside from a lot of the great cheese alternatives that exist out there, I’ve really found such creative ways to cook with amazing results.
I met Denise through one of my besties from residency, Emily. Emily and I met and quickly bonded over our similar rural upbringings, our love of bad reality television, and of course our love for veg food. Here’s a picture of me and Em after a dinner at Soy and Sake, our bellies full of fake meats.
Then I met Emily’s roommate Denise. How did you meet Denise, you ask? Why, when they invited me over for vegan potluck brunch! Yessiree! Here’s Denise, enjoying her veggies as usual, being adorable.
Denise is an unbelievably creative chef of all kinds of amazing vegan goodies, and she actually challenged herself to a kale throwdown. It has to be seen to be believed: The Kale Throwdown on Good.com
Anyway, although everything she makes is delicious (like Kagels!) my favorite dish was her butternut squash mac and cheese with kale chips. I didn’t have some of the ingredients she did so I adapted it a bit, and it came out the bomb. No special tricky vegan cheeses, just all natural ingredients and creamy goodness.
Butternut Squash Mac & “Cheese” with Kale Chips
Butternut Squash Mac & “Cheese” with Kale Chips