Calabrian Spaghetti

Two things you should know about me: I like Italian food, and I like spicy food. Both things in one dish? Yes, please.
This recipe is based off of a recipe I saw in Bon Appétit Magazine which highlighted Calabrian peppers. These are a VERY spicy type of pepper that you can find in Italian markets. If you have trouble finding it, you can substitute chiles de árbol.
Calabrian Peppers
This dish looks simple, but packs a garlicky, fiery punch. It’s SO good. Unfortunately, Keith said it looked kind of plain in the shot, so as a bonus, I will present, after the recipe, Devo and Butters eating spaghetti.
Calabrian Peppers and Garlic
Calabrian Spaghetti


And now, as promised, bonus pictures of puppies.
Look at Devo’s tongue!!
Devo is the master of spaghetti
ERMAHGERD! It’s just like Lady and the Tramp.
Yet Devo still shares with his brother Butters
Butters looks a little crazed here.
Butters loves pasta!
Spaghetti action shot!!
Get over here!