How was your weekend? In preparation of the last week of blogging for Vegan MoFo, I got myself all ready with a hearty brunch this weekend.
Champs Family Bakery is probably my favorite brunch spot in all of NYC. It is absolutely not fancy, it’s on a quiet block in East Williamsburg, and the food is kind of diner-style food. But the whole menu is vegan and it’s great to go with friends and just pig out. I went with my husband Keith and my friends Emily and Melissa.
Me and my besties, Melissa and Emily
The day didn’t go exactly as planned; as usual, Champs had a wait to get in (because it’s so amazing), so we went to a great little whiskey bar, Noorman’s Kil on Grand. And of course, my friends wouldn’t be my friends if they didn’t bring party favors.
Melissa, brought a lamp (don’t ask) and my friend Emily, also a vegan, brought her vintage Polaroid. Daytime drinking and hijinks ensued. She took pictures. And then we took pictures of her taking pictures. It was all very meta. What else would you expect when you’ve got four empty stomachs, whiskey, a vintage Polaroid camera and a lamp? But how can you blame us? It was such a gorgeous day, with tons of sun and a wonderful breeze as we sat in the garden sharing drinks. So, before we get to the food, you get a bunch of photos of us just goofing around.
Emily and her vintage Polaroid
Just hanging in the beautiful garden with friends
Lots of whiskey at Noorman's Kil
The Limestone Cowboy
Before we knew it, we were an hour late to our reservation, so we hurried back to Champs and stuffed our faces with delicious vegan food.
We started off with their Buffalo Tempeh Wings. So hot and yummy, they blew Keith and Emily away! It was either that, or they just weren’t impressed with Melissa and I taking selfies at the table.
Champs Tempeh Wings
Stunned by the goodness
On to the main course! Melissa had the BBQ Chik’n Wrap.
The Wrap
Emily had the Quinoa Soltero Bowl.
Quinoa Salad
Keith had the Chik’n and Waffles with a big ol’ side of butter.
Chicken and Waffles
And I had the Pancake Slam, made with chocolate chip pancakes (!!!!), plus vegan sausage, tempeh bacon, and tofu scramble.
Pancake Slam
And of course, we finished up with a couple giant chocolate chip cookies and an oatmeal cream pie.
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Cream Pie
Everything was amazing and we had a wonderful time. But the day could only be rounded out by heading back for one more mid-day drink.
photo 4
photo 3
If you’ve never been to Champs, I highly recommend it. It’s belly-filling, greasy spoon-style cooking that all New York City vegans must try.