Chocolate Chip Cookies

I feel like I’m always starting these posts apologizing for blog post delays, but, anyway, sorry for the delay. I have a good excuse though… I’m on my OB delivery block, meaning I have to deliver lots of babies, which may sound fun but is really pretty time-intensive and tiring. The weather is cold and lately I’ve been coming home tired and shivering, but lately Keith has, quite a few times, had a nice plate of freshly-baked cookies waiting for me. And then everything is right in the world.
Anyway, this recipe is not mine, it’s from the awesome Colleen Patrick-Goudreau in her book “The Joy of Vegan Baking”.
This is pretty much the Tollhouse cookie recipe, using Ener-G Egg Replacer. (Ener-G is available online, at most heath food stores and even a lot of regular grocers now too.) But I feel like this recipe is really important to post, and here’s why.
When I became a vegan, I really searched far and wide for a regular old cookie recipe. I googled “best vegan cookie recipe” and let me say, many were NOT the best. They used flax seeds, or applesauce, or coconut oil, and while some of them tasted okay, they weren’t just regular old cookies. I gave up looking for a while, then at a certain point I was like, dammit, I want some Tollhouse cookies. I began my search again.
And these are just those Tollhouse cookies. And the reason they make me so happy is that when non-vegan friends come over, they say, oh, these are vegan? And I’m like yep, taste just like regular cookies, don’t they? And everyone nods, impressed.
I feel like we do an injustice when we make bad vegan food. You know it’s out there, you’ve all had it. Now, you could say the same thing about meat too– there is bad food in every genre, and of course everyone has had a bad Burger King hamburger. However, people do often say that they had a bad vegan cookie once, and could never go vegan, because they never tried a good vegan cookie. But now it’s possible to make everything vegan and make it taste awesome. Reminds me of this shirt from Compassion Co.
Compassion Co
So, anyway, off my soapbox. Make these cookies for your friends, and show them that food can both be compassionate AND delicious.