Croque Madame

Ok, French food and french breakfasts. About as non-vegan as you can get right? How about the Croque Madame. Bread with eggs, cheese and ham. But guess what? I went and veganized it. Boom.
I used to make this recipe in my pre-vegan days, when I was just a vegetarian, using some sham. Right after I went vegan, I thought, well, that’s one I’m going to have to give up. After a little while, I realized, hey-o! I can veganize anything, yo.
In this recipe we actually had our friends Emily and Melissa of Jersey City Vegan over to play around with spherification of The Vegg, using Calcium Chloride. After a few misses we finally got it right and made a perfect egg yolk.
Vegg Yolks
You actually don’t have to do the spherification of The Vegg to make this recipe work. Since you just pop the egg anyway, it’s fine to blend some Vegg and then pour the Vegg over the finished recipe. It will taste exactly the same. But for more info on how to spherify, go to this webpage: Vegg Tips.
Here is the recipe for Croque Madame. Enjoy!!