Drunken Spaghetti

I love the Food Network. I could watch it all damn day. There’s usually, surprisingly, lots of veg-friendly stuff, depending on the shows you watch. I’m also busy figuring out ways how to veganize things while I watch it. I’m hoping this activity keeps me sharp and staves off Alzhemier’s.
Drunken Pasta
Anyway, this recipe came from Michael Chiarello’s show. I love his show because he’s got quick and easy Italian recipes. This one, for a spaghetti cooked in red wine, always impresses guests. Actually, at first, they’re a little weirded out with purple pasta, and then they taste it, and they’re all like, mmmmmm. The slight bitterness of the rapini is balanced by the sweetness of the wine. It’s fantastic.
Drunken Pasta
One of my adaptations for this recipe is that rather than adding parmesan cheese, I use Parmela. I’ve talked about Parmela endlessly on this blog, and all I can say is, get some. You can buy from VeganEssentials.com. Apparently they’re re-releasing it this month with paper packaging, making it cheaper than before. Yay! This dish is also plenty fine without the Parmela though, if you can’t get your hands on it.


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