Although I can veganize most anything, I had given up on cheese fondue. I used to love fondue, with its little sticks and bread and communal eating. I had tried a couple of recipes I found online, but none were that great.
But, though I once was was lost, now I am found, thanks to the new cookbook by Miyoko Schinner, Artisan Vegan Cheese.

She says in the preface that it took her 30 years to write this book. I can believe it. I don’t know how she managed to come up with this stuff, but it’s unbelievable. I made some sour cream last week, and it doesn’t taste like vegan sour cream, it’s just SOUR CREAM. So good.
Anyway, of course when I saw there was a way to make gruyere, my favorite cheese for fondue, I jumped at it. The biggest challenge was making the rejuvelac, aka sprout water, for the culture. It takes a good 5 days to make it. There are some quick recipes in the book, but most of them take a lot of patience. Once you make the rejuvelac though, it keeps in the fridge for a month and you can use it for a lot of recipes. Here’s my rejuvelac, mid-culture. I used brown rice, although you can use a lot of other grains for sprouting.

And here’s the cashew-based soft gruyere, once made. I have just made the soft so far since I am just melting it into the fondue, but you can make it into hard gruyere as well. Here’s a pinterest picture of someone who made the hard gruyere.

We made our own french bread; to make your own, check out this recipe. Just roll it into a baguette shape rather than a bread bowl.

I liked my own old fondue recipe better than the one in the book; I make mine with white wine, garlic, dry mustard, nutmeg and black pepper. It’s the real damn thing. To die for. Below are the recipes for how to make Miyoko’s vegan gruyere, followed by my recipe for fondue. Enjoy!



Get this book, and happy fondue-ing!