Happy Easter!

Okay, we’re transitioning now from Passover treats to Easter treats. Are you keeping up? :-)
This year we went a little crazy with the Easter goodies. First, we got vegan Peeps from Sweet & Sara, aka Veeps! If you didn’t already know this, regular marshmallows are made with gelatin, which is a horrifying goo made of skin, tendons, ligaments, and bones from cows and pigs (yup, barfsville). Luckily Sweet & Sara has made amazing vegan marshmallows for many years, and during Easter they make these Veeps! We couldn’t help ourselves. They also sent us an adorable chocolate bunny.
They put out a video of their cool Veeps-making process. Watch to see how these adorable little suckers are born!


We also went wild with the Vegan Treats easter basket this year. I just LOVE this basket and it came chock full of so many yummy goodies, “Veganbury” cream eggs (yep, cadbury creme eggs but veganized!), caramel cookie bars, peanut butter cookie bars, dark and white chocolate bunny pops, Speculoos cups (Belgian, shortbread biscuit butter encased in Swiss dark chocolate), peanut butter cup filled bunnies, Swiss chocolate nonpareils, and more!!
Poor Butters wasn’t able to eat the chocolate but he enjoyed the paper filling in the basket. :-)
I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter!

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