Hot Cocoa

It’s cold out there, folks! Well, okay, in NYC and most parts of the country. Today in NYC it is a particularly snowy day– we’re on track to get 6 inches today.
I grew up in the South and hate, HATE the cold weather. I happen to do okay for a couple of weeks in December though, when it’s Christmas-y and the city has lots of pretty lights, and I can drink a cup of warm hot cocoa. (Don’t ask me how I’m doing in January or February, however.)
I also like getting my dog Butters all bundled up. That’s kind of cute too.
Anyway, this is my favorite recipe for hot cocoa. I adapted it from an AllRecipes recipe for a non-vegan cocoa. It’s SO, SO good. A friend of mine recently told me it tastes like cake. I always add some Sweet & Sara marshmallows on top for ultimate goodness. Keith prefers his with some whipped cream on top, we tend to use MimicCreme brand when we want whipped cream. Yum.
Snuggle up and enjoy!