June Event #1 – Vegan Shop-Up

This month was so chock full of vegan events in New York City, I had to split them up into different blog posts. My belly is happy. The first one was the Vegan Shop-Up in Bushwick. We’ve been to a few of these, and they’re always a lot of fun. Their main place is usually The Pine Box Rock Shop. It’s the only vegan bar in NYC. Who knew? No eggs, no dairy, and their bar food includes vegan empanadas.
Pine Box Rock Shop
Bumped into some great vendors on the way in, including Chickpea and Olive, as well as the Vegan Bodega. The Vegan Bodega is working on getting their storefront on the Lower East Side, and until they do they’re always at vegan events like these. Eric and his wife and their cutie baby are always at these events and have turned me on to many a great vegan yummy.
Chickpea and Olive
Vegan Bodega
Cookies and sweets were abundant. Who says you can’t make amazing vegan baked goods? Who?? That guy? Then throw a sugar cookie at him.
Sweet Semosh
Sweet Semosh
Vegan Obrien
Cake Bites
A newcomer to the vegan Brooklyn restaurants, Clementine Bakery was there. Lookie here at this stylish chef. I haven’t been there yet, but they had some great baked goods.
Clementine Bakery
Clementine Bakery
Speaking of sweetie things, there’s a new vegan ice cream on the block, Wink Frozen Desserts. It tasted more like sorbet than ice cream to me, but it was really good. And aren’t these kids who make it the cutest?
Wink Frozen Desserts
We wrapped up our pigginess at Heirloom Vegan Eatery with an amazing fried chicken sandwich with siracha mayo covered in Cap’n Crunch. Yeah! For real! It was ridiculous.
Heirloom Vegan Eatery
Apparently they’re catering out of Long Island now, but prayers that they’ll get a storefront soon. They posed for this picture and were totally adorable. Turns out most everyone in the vegan community is beyond nice. Guess that love for animals crosses over.
I got so full at the Shop Up, I had to save some for later. This brownie by Gone Pie got destroyed at home a couple of hours later, even though I hadn’t quite recovered from that Chick-un sandwich.
Gone Pie
Coming up in my next post, a benefit for Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary….

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