June Event #2 – WFAS Benefit

A little warning, I’m going to mention the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary about a billion times on this site. A trip to that sanctuary was all Keith and I needed to become vegans. It’s run by such good people and the animals there are so incredible. Every one of their stories touches your heart.
So, no question…. We were on our way to their yearly fundraiser in Williamsburg! It was held on a beautiful rooftop at Aurora Lampworks. Here’s my handsome husband enjoying the view.
Jenny Brown is the tireless founder of WFAS, and she gave an inspiring speech. Her book , The Lucky Ones, comes out in August. I can’t wait to read it.
Jenny Brown
It didn’t hurt that the event was catered by Blossom du Jour. Pretty awesome to be at a buffet where every damn thing is vegan. Unlimited buffalo bites and Italian subs… oh MY.
Blossom Du Jour
Vegan Divas provided some nom nommy desserts.
Vegan Divas
Vegan Divas
There were great performances by some super cool kids from the Cynthia King Dance Company.
Cynthia King Dance Company
Cynthia King Dance Company
There was also a dude who twirled some fire, who announced before he started that he “hadn’t done this in a few years”, hence my picture taken from far away. I was in doctor mode for a solid few minutes though, trying to remember burn protocols. Luckily, everyone was intact at the end of the performance.
Fire Dancing
The best part of the night was meeting a bunch of my vegan heroes. First, I met Sara from Sweet & Sara! I recognized her from following her Facebook posts forever, and had to say hi and tell her how I had loved her vegan marshmallows for YEARS and knew everything about her… but totally not in a creepy stalkerish way. Long before I lived in New York, I had ordered her marshmallows online to be delivered to me in the veg food wasteland that is Florida. They make me so happy, and I found her so inspiring after watching this CNBC video about how she brought her company back from the brink. She’s hardworking, so dedicated, and a total vegan inspiration. We talked for ages and I was just the happiest EVER.
Then, I finally got to meet Emily of Jersey City Vegan! Her blog totally inspired me to start my own (read it, it rules). And guess what? As sweet as pie in person. Keith and I spent a good chunk of the night with Emily and her partner Melissa. Got me some new vegan besties.
Jersey City Vegan
Jersey City Vegan
Did I mention I love Sweet & Sara marshmallows? God bless her, Sara brought some to roast as s’mores. It’s entirely possible that I, not being a very outdoorsy type as a child, didn’t really know how to make them. But luckily my husband, a former Boy Scout (yup, I outed him), was able to lend a hand. S’mores make me happy.
Sweet and Sara Smores
Next up… the final vegan event of this busy month, The Seed Vegan Experience!