June Event #3: The Seed!

Well, there were more awesome vegan things than you could shake a stick at this month. This is the final one: The Seed in Soho! This was the biggest event so far this month, or, this year: two days, around 80 vendors and exhibitors, amazing speakers, and film screenings.
The Seed
A couple of my favorite speakers are pictured here: Dr. Ulka Agarwal from PCRM, and Colleen Patrick-Goudreau.
Dr. Ulka Agarwal and Colleen Patrick-Goudreau
Dr. Agarwal gave a great lecture on vegan nutrition. I do a lot of nutrition counseling with my own patients in my family medicine practice, and it’s always great to learn more about how a plant-based diet can really improve health.
If you’re not familiar with Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, she’s a cookbook author and also has a really inspiring podcast called Vegetarian Food for Thought. If you haven’t checked her out, please listen. Her talk drew quite the crowd!
There were great food vendors, and I should have seen more speakers but I did a lot of noshing instead. Shocking.
The Regal Vegan
Above is Ella from The Regal Vegan. I’ve loved her products for forever; her Faux Gras is amazing. Not only did Ella make a substitute for the disgustingly cruel foie gras, but she’s also an amazing chef. When some jackass decided to put foie gras in a doughnut here in NYC, Ella made her own version with Faux Gras and a Dun-Well Doughnut! Ella, you are the coolest. Her latest product is Basilicotta, a basil cashew cheese spread. It’s so good….. I. Can’t. Even.
In addition to all the food, there were also great clothing vendors, like the Connecticut based Compassion Co, the online vendor Compassion Couture, and New York’s very own Moo Shoes, which Keith and I have been shopping at for years.
Compassion Couture
Compassion Couture
I wrapped up the day at one of the food trucks parked outside. Got some amazing mac and cheez at a food truck that came all the way from Miami called Mac’N. And then it was naptime for me.
It really struck me at this event, and the two previous, that there are so many great people doing such fantastic work on behalf of animals. I really feel part of such a great community. These people inspire me, and I’m so grateful for the work they all do, not only in animal rescue and activism, but by doing something good every time they lift a fork.
Speaking of lifting a fork, now that I’ve blogged all these events, get ready for some good recipes, on the way!


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