Keith’s Spicy Red Sauce

Howdy folks, it’s Keith, Stacy’s counterpart and fellow Fatty Boombalatty. Typically we leave the writing to Stacy as I tend to love the run-on sentence and typos but I’ve got a really great recipe that I’ve been meaning to share, so Stacy has given me the green light. But first a little background.
As the son of waspy New Englanders, the majority of my meals were either the meat and potato variety or seafood. My father’s family is French but that tended to only influence the weekend breakfast menu – you know, crêpes, French toast, and more crêpes and more French Toast.
But around the time when I started cooking for myself, something happened. I went totally Italian (which in hindsight worked out well since I ended up marrying one). Through most of my teenage years and into my 20s I ate a strict diet of pizza and spaghetti. To this day, if I go more than two days without a plate of pasta, I freak. Sure, I’ve matured and expanded my palette: fusilli, rigatoni, linguini, new dishes like Basil Pesto, White Wine “Clam” sauce. But my go-to plate has been, and always will be, a big plate of spaghetti topped with a spicy, “meaty”, red sauce.
Keith's Spicy Red Sauce
Now, this recipe came about a little over five years ago, at a point in my life when I was in a food rut and eating pasta a minimum of four nights a week. This tends to happen a lot and it only ends when Stac’ starts to complain that all I eat is pasta. Anyway, what with my taste for expensive sauces (no Ragu here people!) it was getting pretty costly. So on a whim and a dare I decided to make my own.
Mind you, this is somewhere between a traditional red sauce and an arrabiata ( Stacy says this is Italian for ANGRY!), so if you’re not used to spicy sauces, you might want to tweak it a bit.
I should also mention that this recipe calls for canned diced tomatoes but I have since transitioned to fresh Roma tomatoes. It’s a bit more work and doubles the cooking time, but after reading that canned tomatoes may have health risks, I decided it was worth the effort. For those wanting to skip that step, substitute the 24 Roma Tomatoes and the two jars of strained tomatoes with three 14 oz cans diced tomatoes and two 8 oz cans tomato sauce.
Additionally, I originally made this recipe with onions, but Stac’ HATES onions and it kinda stinks up the house, so I’ve left those out for years. But hey… if you like onions, throw em’ in. They’re delicious.
One last thing, I promise! This recipe makes enough to fill two 1 1/2 liters mason jars. That’s a lot of sauce, but like I said, I LIKE PASTA. So keep that in mind. You may want to cut this recipe in half.
Alright, let’s get cooking!
Boiling Sauce


For the pièce de résistance, slice and cook 1/2 link of Field Roast Italian Sausage in 2 teaspoons of olive oil until brown, add 1/3 cup Boca Crumbles and cook till warm, add 1 cup of your sauce, bring to boil for one serving of the yummiest Vegan Spicy, “Meaty” Red Sauce.
Keith's Spicy Red Sauce

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