Last weekend our good friend Chris was in town. Chris’s wife Laura and I became best friends in college and even though they live in Northern Cali now, we’re still all best friends. Chris is in the military and was in the lovely, picturesque, Trenton, New Jersey for work this week and he really didn’t want to leave…… bwahaha! Just kidding! He obviously had to get the hell out of Jersey and into NYC. (Whee! Jersey jokes!!)
Chris wanted himself described on this website as a carnivore who loves vegan food. Chris and Laura have been trying to become more vegan over the last year, and I was happy to indulge him this weekend. Chris is also the only person I’ve ever met with an appetite to match mine, and one of the ways I described our weekend together was a test of limits of the human stomach.
After a lunch of avocado toast and tofu scramble at our place, we had some dinner reservations for Blossom but got a little hungry before our reservation. Most people would indulge in a few crackers or maybe some fruit, but not this clan. We happened to be in Hell’s Kitchen, so we went to Kyotofu for a pre-dinner dessert. Because, why not?
Kyotofu, Rice Balls, and Iced Tea
Kyotofu is an adorable little Japanese dessert place with lots of vegan options. Ok, and let’s be honest, once we were there we couldn’t JUST get dessert. We started with some sesame rice balls, and the Trio Of Tofu Dips; the flavors of dips were pecan miso, edamame, and wasabi, and it was served with housemade sesame flatbread.
Trio of Tofu Dips
Trio of Tofu Dips
Another pre-dinner-dessert-appetizer (yeah, I know, it’s getting confusing at this point) was a bowl of buckwheat soba noodles, served in a shiitake broth with tofu and shiitake bacon– someone please tell me how to make shiitake bacon! We also got a side of taro chips.
Soba Noodles
Soba Noodles
Soba Noodles and Taro Chips
And finally, what we came for: dessert. We got a soy ice cream sundae that came with a vegan caramel sauce, fresh fruit, and vegan brownie. We also had a traditional Japanese dessert called Summer Anmitsu, made with strawberry & lychee agar, yude azuki, shiratama, coconut-lime sorbet.
It didn’t take this crew long to polish everything off. Here we are…. ready for dinner now.


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