Lumpia Shack Snackbar

I had such an awesome vegan meal the other night I had to write a blog post about it.
In my neighborhood in the West Village, a new Filipino place opened up, the Lumpia Shack Snackbar. I passed it without thinking much about it, knowing that Filipino food is typically pretty vegan-unfriendly. Then recently I saw an article in New York Magazine talking about one of their soups which used my favorite new thing in the world, Anita’s Coconut yogurt (the creamiest damn yogurt I’ve ever tasted), and I figured it was worth a try. It was amazing, so I decided to bring back a bunch of my friends so we could order one of everything on the menu.
Since the restaurant serves meat, my friend Bobby wrote the chef, Neil, to ask about vegan options, and I can’t tell you how accommodating Neil was of our vegan requests. He prepared everything on separate cooking equipment, saved special dishes that day just for us, and even though their mushroom lumpia is usually prepared with egg, he made us a special vegan batch. Sometimes, the question “do you have anything vegan?” can pay off in pretty spectacular ways.
And, onto the food. Everything we ate was brilliant and delicious and I couldn’t recommend this place any more. Aside from their West Village shop they’ll be at Smorgasburg this summer, so run, don’t walk, for some baller vegan Filipino food.
Above is a pic of my pals Lesley, Bobby, Beth, Elaine, and of course my hubby Keith eating Neil’s Sinigang garlic chips which he gave us, on the house, while we were waiting. How’s that for service? They were fluffy, crunchy amazing bits of yumminess.
This is maybe one of the greatest things I’ve ever had. These are the Lechon Kawali fries, and it’s basically the Filipino version of Canadian poutine. It’s traditionally made with pork but this was made with Monk’s Meats seitan and a spicy sauce.
These are SOME of the entrees we ordered– I’m not ashamed that I couldn’t get all of the food in one picture.
This one was the uber-meaty Vegetarian Sisig Rice Bowl, made with three types of Monk’s Meats seitan and spicy calimansi sauce.
This is a tofu mushroom rice bowl; we got this one with a creamy bicol sauce made with coconut yogurt, but you can dress your rice bowls up in their adobo or afritada sauces too (we DID).
All together now, in one fancy picture.
And finally, here’s one of all of us posing with Neil, Lumpia’s chef and owner. We were all happy campers. :-) I can’t say enough how gracious and accommodating Neil was. He couldn’t possibly have gone more out of his way to make us feel at home and believe you me, we’ll be going back often. Trust me, you should definitely drop in and say hi to Neil and enjoy his amazing food.

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