Nonna Lucia’s Linguini

It’s hard to count the ways in which I love my Grandma Lucy. She’s not only just about my favorite person on the planet, but the best cook I know, and Linguini with White Wine Clam Sauce is one of her specialties. My grandma taught me that food is love, and she taught me the most important rule of cooking: It’s always better to have too much instead of not enough. (SO TRUE.)
Nonna Lucia's Linguini
For a tough Sicilian, she couldn’t be any cuter. Here’s a picture of her wearing her Nonna Lucia cooking apron.
Another thing that I love about my grandma is how accommodating and supportive she has been of Keith’s and my veganism. When we became vegetarian, she put some spaghetti sauce aside before putting the meat in, just for us. When we became vegans, she wanted to know how to add the Daiya vegan cheese to her pasta recipes.
Truthfully, as long as I’m eating, she’s ok. She ends every phone call with, “Bye bye, don’t forget to eat.”
This was one of my favorite recipes of her’s growing up. Every time I make it, the smell reminds me of my grandma’s kitchen. I veganized it, easy as pie. The toughest part actually, was trying to get my grandma to write down the ingredients in the first place, however. With some pressing, here’s what she came up with.
Nonna Lucia's Linguini


Nonna Lucia's Linguini