NYC Vegetarian Food Fest

This weekend was the NYC Vegetarian Food Fest! We’ve been going for a lot of years; this year was the biggest by far, with two floors instead of one. There were a lot of familiar faces, and some new vendors as well. Onto the festival!
There were a number of great speakers at the festival; I’ll be honest, we spent most of our time eating. But this was one I caught, a great talk by Our Hen House, moderated by Jenné Claiborne from The Nourishing Vegan.
One of the vendors was MooShoes; Keith had his eye on those shoes! They still have the best vegan shoes around, hands down. And here I am hanging out with Erica, one of the owners of MooShoes!
One of the best things I had at the fair was macaroons from a new vendor, Sweet Maresa’s, who had the BEST macaroons I have ever tasted. They were SO good! We brought a bunch home and Keith and I were fighting over them. He snuck the last pecan caramel one and I’ll never forgive him. :-)
At every festival, the extremely hard-working Ella from Regal Vegan turns out some of the best and most creative fare. Ella is the creator of the delicious Faux Gras, and at the festival this year she made an amazing kale pesto pasta with garlic crunchies.
I also bought this awesome pit bull necklace. Could it be cuter??
This booth with extremely cute stickers and clothes was from the Portland-based shop, Herbivore Clothing.
The booth was manned by the adorable Annie Shannon from Meet the Shannons. Not only does she have a new cookbook coming out soon but she talked me into buying the shirt she was wearing.
My good friends from Jersey City Vegan managed the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary booth. They got lots of questions during the day, so I’m glad to know everyone knows that WFAS is the greatest place on earth.
My friends Corey and Jocelyn had a booth for their photography business, Splice. If you’re getting hitched, call them if you want some gorgeous wedding photos from the nicest vegan couple you’d ever want to meet.
Here I am with Demetrius, producer of the amazing film Vegucated. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s on Netflix! Watch it and tell your friends!
And here’s one of my favorite photos from the event, with Jon and Chris from The Vegan Zombie. Of course they look tough since they spend all day finding zombies in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. However, they did manage to publish The Cook & Survive Cookbook while zombie-fighting, so be sure to check it out. It’s full of great recipes!
When the day was closing, and I was sure I couldn’t eat another bite of food, I ran into these push pops from Alchemy Creamery. Keith got the strawberry, which was good, but my salted caramel peanut butter one (yup) was to die for.
Overall, events like these make me even more happy than usual to be a vegan. It’s so great to be surrounded by so many like-minded people, and also eat until I nearly fall over.

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