Obsessive Confection Disorder!

Recently, I posted a link about how I get irritated when vegan food doesn’t taste like regular food.
Before veganism, I used to love salted caramels, not only because they are Obama’s favorite candy but also because they were delicious. Unfortunately, they’re always made with milk or cream. The vegan versions I tried all tasted like coconut. I don’t mind coconut, but I wanted just the taste of the caramel alone.
Then, along comes Obsessive Confection Disorder! Dang, these caramels are good. Made in California by Mel, who handmakes them all on her own, they are absolutely perfect. You can buy them from her site or from Vegan Essentials.
There are a million other products on her site which are also great, like caramels mixed with pretzels, mixed with Sweet & Sara marshmallows, and just pure jars of vanilla caramel. She has new products all the time, so each time you check the site, it’s like Christmas morning.
Aw yeah, some Naughty Bits. Salted caramels covered in chocolate.
I can’t even describe what Caramel Not-Corn is. It’s not corn. It’s not popcorn. It’s just this sweet and salty goodness.
Chocolate covered caramel lollipops are always available (no I’m not freaking kidding) but for Valentine’s Day they were made out of hearts!
Get some! You won’t be sorry.

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