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Traveling can sometimes be a real bummer for vegans. Earlier this year we went to Central America and by the time I got home I wasn’t sure I’d ever eat rice and beans again.
Luckily, these days I’m doing it better thanks to finding guides like Jersey City Vegan’s airport travel survival guide and VeganBits’ Travel Tips. My absolute favorite resource in the world is HappyCow. They even have an iPhone app and apps for other phones!

This weekend, we traveled to New Hampshire for Keith’s high school reunion. New England food seems to be a mix of meat and potatoes inland, and seafood along the coast. We weren’t optimistic about our food options. However, Happy Cow saved the day! We managed to find Susty’s Vegan Cafe in Northwood, the tiny farming town where Keith grew up. It was so unexpected and so delicious! It was a little oasis. It’s heartwarming to know that there are vegans all over the world, and sometimes you just have to look for them.
To further make the point, we ate our meal surrounded by butterflies. We were between two plants just covered in them. It was perfect.
We started out with some delicious kale chips and tofu fries. These fries were salty and delicious and we ate too damned many.
Tofu Fries
Our meals were epic. Mine was a creamy, noochy mac and cheez, and it was fantastic. Keith had one of his childhood favorites: Shepherd’s Pie. This one was made with seitan and the gravy was some of the best I’ve ever tasted.
Creamy, noochy mac and cheez
Creamy, noochy mac and cheez
Shepherd's Pie
We ended up getting some stuff for takeout for dinner later that night, and Susty’s saved the day. I highly recommend it on your next tour of idyllic New England.
Live Free or Die Vegan

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