Parmela Creamery

So, I’ve been this huge proponent in the past of Parmela Vegan Parmesan cheese. When I became a vegan I was brokenhearted that I couldn’t find a good parmesan replacer to top my pasta with. Parmela did the trick, and I put that stuff on EVERYTHING now.
Since I’ve hyped it on my blog (and order Parmela by the caseful) I’ve become friendly with the owner of Parmela, who recently gave me a heads up that Parmela is expanding into a vegan line of cheeses and sauces called Parmela Creamery. What? Yes.
I’ve tried a lot of spreadable vegan cheeses recently, and found that while they taste good, they taste like cashews. So, sure, it’s an okay nut-based spread, but it ain’t really cheese. With these new cheeses, once again, Parmela is changing the game! I’m not sure what it is that they do to make this– there’s coconut oil in these? Something with that? Anyway, it just tastes like damn cheese.
It comes in three flavors: Original, Black Pepper, and Kalamata Olive. I’ve been loving the original flavor alone, on crackers or maybe just eating it from the container (maybe, can’t say). Keith loves the black pepper flavor. So much so that we only had enough left for one cracker for the photo. It’s got an almost spicy taste due to the peppercorns. The olive is strong on the olive flavor, so you must love olives if you want to try this one, and it’s really good when paired with bread and wine.
A couple of days later I received the sauces: vodka, alfredo, and artichoke alfredo. The vodka sauce uses cashews to give a rich creaminess and this was Keith’s favorite. I loved both the alfredo and the artichoke alfredo sauces. The artichoke flavor makes the sauce very rich and delicious. All three were super creamy, and, shocker, we also showered them with Parmela parmesan.
You don’t have to be a vegan blogger to get these– not to fret! I was told that the cheeses will be available on Vegan Essentials soon, with the sauces to follow. As usual, I’ll be buying by the case. You did know my blog is titled Fatty Boombalatty, right?