Ok, so one of the most difficult things to give up when becoming a vegan was parmesan cheese. As an Italian-American, I put parmesan cheese on just about everything. My mom used to tease my brother and I about “having some pasta with our cheese”. Of course, once I learned more about the dairy industry, true cheese lost it’s appeal, but still, I missed the flavor and couldn’t quite figure out how to punch up my pasta. 

First, I tried Galaxy Vegan Parmesan topping.


I will not comment, and let us never speak of Galaxy “parmesan” again.


Next up was Parma.



Parma is basically just nutritional yeast and walnuts. Both of which are good, and added flavor to certain dishes, but it was no parmesan.


I had kind of settled at this point on a product I found on Vegan Essentials called Parmazano.



Parmazano is salty, powdery, and a so-so substitute, I didn’t mind it, but it had a tendency to congeal in more oily sauces, and Keith hated it. He has a texture thing. Whatever.


Then, recently, I began to hear murmurs in the vegan blogosphere about a brand new product called Parmela which tasted like the real damn thing. I was jaded, cautious…  spurned. I was not ready to get my hopes up and get my heart broken again. Even if it did come in this cute little bottle.



Well, I bought some from and all I can say is: WOW! As close to the real thing as I’ve ever tasted. Apparently fermented soybeans is the trick to give it a cheesy flavor. It’s SO. GOOD.


The biggest problem was that we were running out of supplies too quickly. Keith and I kept eating it straight out of the bottle. So, I may or may not have gone straight to the manufacturer and ordered an entire case. It’s entirely possible that I did.

Stacy Loves Parmela!


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