Pizza Party!

Recently my friend Emily planned a big Brooklyn pizza party. Emily is a vegetarian but has been eating vegan lately as part of the Vegan Challenge!
Anyway, there was a big crowd and lots of pizza was made. We used a whole lotta cashew cheese and veggies and everyone’s bellies were happy.
Here is Emily cooking over a VERY hot oven. (Hot Brooklyn nights!)

This is my pizza pan, my dad used to own a pizza business, and I got this awesome pizza pan that cooks the best crusts. Lucky me.

Emily makes pizzas with pride! This one was made with peppers, olives, Field Roast sausage, and dollops of cashew cheese.

Here’s Natalie, who runs the awesome vegan blog The Veganette– check it out! She made vegan calzones.

Here was one of our prep stations– we used lots of veggies, including squash, peppers, sundried tomatoes, basil, and of course no pizza party is complete without some Field Roast in the mix.

Everyone loves pizza!

And my friend Melissa REALLY loves pizza.

Here’s me serving my chicken pesto pizza. Hooray for pizza!


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