Pumpkin Pride

It’s Friday again, and since I know you like a good cocktail (and pics of Butters and Devo), I’m going to give the site over to my hubby Keith once again. Enjoy.
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What with the first day of Fall having come and gone, and the cooler days finally upon us (did I mention Stacy hates anything below 67°?), I thought it appropriate to make a more seasonal drink this week. You know, something with a little more pumpkin in it .
I know a pumpkin drink sounds a bit odd, but just trust me. You’re going to thank me.
So, about this time last year, Stac’ and I were celebrating our 12th wedding anniversary at Candle 79 and on their cocktail menu, they had a drink so special, so amazing, that Stacy (usually a gin drinker) finally agreed that whiskey was worth a second look. Enter the Pumpkin Pride. Made with whiskey, cranberry liquor, pumpkin puree, agave, and topped with a cinnamon stick, this drink is absolutely delicious. The moment we tasted this concoction, we knew we’d be making these at home.
One sip of this drink and you’ll swear you’re tasting Autumn on ice. It’s like a boozy desert in a glass. Hell, I’d come up with another metaphor, but I’m too busy sipping one of my own and wrestling with Butters for a shot for the site. My thinking was, that since this drink was called the Pumpkin Pride, and Butters is pretty much the color of a pumpkin, then it might be nice to have him in the post. Unfortunately, Butters was on one of his late night tirades and was proving to be very uncooperative.

No worries, Devo was there to save the day. Not quite the right color, but definitely my little pumpkin.