Raspberry Grilled Cheese

Happy Monday! Still truckin’ here with Vegan MoFo.
This one is a regular in our household. It is based on a recipe that won in the 10th Annual Grilled Cheese Invitational. Yeah, that’s a thing. Chefs from all around get together and bring their game in hopes of making the best grilled cheese sandwich. And the entry that caught my eye? It’s called, the Aurora Borealis. Made by the amazing Gwendolyn Mathers, her delicious concoction even beat out non-vegan grilled cheeses in the contest.
Grilled Cheese Ingredients
Now, her recipe had peaches in it which I thought made it a bit too sweet, so I dropped those. However, when I first made this recipe, I just happened to have Chloe Coscarelli’s raspberry sauce left over in the fridge from making her molten chocolate cakes, and ever since I’ve made this grilled cheese recipe with her raspberry sauce. I recommend making the full recipe of raspberry sauce and leaving it in the fridge, it keeps for weeks, and then you can make this sandwich quickly and easily in the weeks to come!
Raspberry Grilled Cheese
Raspberry Grilled Cheese
Devo gets to lick the spoon
Devo’s so excited he doesn’t know what to do!
The finished sandwich, so gooey!
I can understand why this recipe won a contest; I serve it all the time to non-vegans who say it’s one of the best sandwiches they’ve ever tasted. I have also been known to cut it into squares and serve it as a little cheesy, sweet snack at dinner parties. But the best thing about this sandwich is that it’s perfect for that quick lunch or snack when you don’t have a lot of time but still want a warm, filling meal.