Rigatoni con Broccoli

So, we continue our Vegan MoFo posts this month, for now continuing on the molto Italiano theme. Some of you who follow this blog’s Facebook page may remember this very adorable picture I posted of my nonna Lucia a few months back.
Nonna Lucia
This pic was taken when visiting my grandma in Florida. Yes, her apron does say Nonna Lucia on it. She was making one of my favorite dishes, rigatoni con broccoli. Where did she get this recipe, you ask? Was it passed down through generations of Sicilian women, the recipe itself carrying some rich tradition??
Nope. It came from here:
Yep. It’s the Sopranos cookbook. I got this as kind of a jokey gift for my grandparents a number of years back because they loved the show. But as it turns out, the cookbook has some mighty good recipes in it.
This recipe, originally, has cheese in it. But my grandma was happy to veganize it for me– as long as I’m eating, she’s happy, and she even loves Daiya cheese! (We’re slowly working on the rest of my family.)
I make it at home all the time. Although you can always tell when it’s missing Grandma’s touch.
Some fresh broccoli, my favorite!
Apologies for this picture. Keith said to pose and I was drinking wine while cooking so I got sassy.
The finished pasta. The broccoli turns very soft at the end and when mixed with the Daiya makes an incredibly creamy sauce.
A sprinkle of Parmela makes everything better.