Parsnip Risotto

Well, it’s full on cold in New York City now, and this Florida girl is unhappy about it. I’ve taken to walking by those outdoor restaurant heating lamps and closing my eyes and pretending like it’s sun (oh, come on, you know you’ve done it.)
Parsnip Risotto
The only upside to the winter is the awesome veggies available at the farmer’s market, particularly parnsips and kale. Okay, and maybe Christmas too. I do like Christmas.
Oh, a side note about parsnips– one of the best things I ever ate was the Parsnip Steak at Blue Hill at Stone Barns. Just amazing. I found another blog that reproduced the recipe, but I know they cook it in a brick oven at Blue Hill. Note to self: get a brick oven.
Anyhoo, onto the risotto… I found a recipe a while ago in the New York Times on parsnip risotto. I adapted it a bit. You can use any kind of greens, but kale is the best. I threw some broccoli into this dish along with the kale.
For the broth, I highly recommend Edward & Sons Not Chick’n Broth. This broth is so good, and I use it constantly. Pretty salty though, so make sure you drop any salt your recipe calls for down a bit. I use their Not-Beef broth in noodle soup recipes very often.
Here’s the recipe, be sure to enjoy on a wintry night!


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