Sausage Pesto Lasagna Rolls

I made these the other night after what I viewed as a cooking challenge from the lovely Annie Shannon from Meet the Shannons. (She was all like, you should make these and I was like, yeah, I totes will! And then I did. Cool story.)
Anyway, I never thought of using lasagna rolls. What kind of bizarro madness is this, to roll rather than layer your lasagna? Apparently the folks from Betty Crocker do this all the time. I guess it’s how they keep busy in middle America. (#snootyNewYorkerjoke)
I changed up my recipe a little from the recipe on Meet the Shannons; I’m obsessed with cashew-based ricottas, and hers called for a tofu-based ricotta. So I mixed the two and it worked out just fine.
We also made the full recipe which I think is for four people but Keith and I at almost all of it. It was kind of a happy regret situation. We shared a little bit with our dog Butters too. I’m not sure why, but it may have been the way he was staring at us.
Here’s the recipe. Enjoy!


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