Spaghetti al limone

I love lemons. Much in the way that Brick loves lamp.
A weird thing though: I love lemon in savory dishes and drinks, but not so much in desserts. Anyone else like this? Anyone? Bueller?
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Okay, enough movie references for now. I was craving a lemon recipe the other day and came across a Spaghetti al limone recipe on Smitten Kitchen. It was a decidedly non-vegan recipe. But I had a bunch of cashew ricotta left over from making some Ricotta Potato Rosemary Pizza the other day, and I put it to good use. You could also use cashew cream. Overall, with the Daiya and the cashew cheese, once all melted, it’s so unbelievably creamy. After my first bite, I was like, oh crap, is there real dairy in this? Then I realized I had just made it myself. And I also realized I should be getting more sleep.
Anyway, if you want creamy, lemony goodness, this one is for you. Enjoy!