“The Lucky Ones” Release Party

This week, we were lucky enough to go to the book release party for the indefatigable Jenny Brown, founder of the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, co-authored by Gretchen Primack. In The Lucky Ones, Jenny tells her story: how at 10 years old, she lost a leg to bone cancer, and throughout the ordeal, considered animals her friends and companions. Later, raised in a conservative southern, meat-eating household (much like yours truly!) she made the connection between her animal friends and the farm animals she ate. The book tells the story about her path to opening the farm animal sanctuary, and her new friends, like a fugitive slaughterhouse cow named Kayli, and Albie, the three-legged goat. I just started the book, and it’s a page turner!
The release party was at MooShoes, a vegan, leather-free shoe store in Manhattan. I used to order online from this place when I lived in Florida, now I’m so happy to just be able to walk in! The place was packed!
The Lucky Ones Release Party
We got to hear Erica, the founder of MooShoes, and Jenny give great talks before the book signing.
Erica and Jenny
Erica and Jenny
And we got to see a lot of friends and animal activists! It was great fun!
Here is us with Mike and his wife Wendy. Mike and Wendy travel to the sanctuary every weekend, and Mike was so integral to the rescue of one cow, that the cow was named after him. Yay for Mike the Cow!
Mike and Wendy
Here are our good friends Emily and Melissa of Jersey City Vegan!
Emily and Melissa
Me and Marisa Miller Wolfson, the amazing filmmaker of Veducated.
Marisa Miller Wolfson from Vegucated
Keith with Sarah from A Life Vegan.
Sarah from A Life Vegan
Me and Ella from The Regal Vegan. Shockingly, we mostly talked about food.
Ella from The Regal Vegan
Finally, we made it to the front of the signing line, although Melissa and Emily beat us there.
Emily, Melissa and Jenny
Here we are with Jenny!
Getting our book signed
Get this book! All the cool kids have it!
The Lucky Ones