Vegan Drinks (and Pizza)!

This week we decided to go to Vegan Drinks, a monthly event for vegans where we hang out, drink, and support a local animal charity (hey, it’s not all drinking with us, sometimes we’re charitable).
But our night started before the event, where we got to hang out with Emily and Melissa. Emily is the author of the amazing blog Jersey City Vegan, and Emily and her partner Melissa are my vegan besties. Sometimes living in a world of carnivores can be tough, and finding vegans as friends helps. But finding people who are so funny and awesome and inspiring is just a blessing.
Emily and Melissa
Ok, enough gushing, onto the FOOD.
We went to Pala for dinner as it was near the drinks venue. Pala has a separate vegan menu and we were really in the mood for some pizza that night. We got three pizzas for the four of us (because we are fatty boombalatties), the Patatosa: Shaved potatoes, zucchini, rosemary, daiya cheese; the Funghi E Salsiccia: Field Roast veggie sausage, field mushrooms, daiya cheese, hot pepper; and the Arrabiata: Fresh cherry tomatoes, hot pepper, garlic. They were pretty much all to die for. The Patatosa had this bechamel sauce on it that was TOO MUCH GOODNESS.
Pala Pizza
Pala Pizza
Onto Vegan Drinks!
Vegan Drinks
The event this time supported Vegan Outreach, which is just an incredible organization that really does the great work on the ground of educating the public about the cruelties of the meat industry. On the right is Lisa, one of the awesome Vegan Outreach volunteers.
Vegan Outreach
The event was catered by Lovebug Kitchen.
Lovebug Kitchen
But of course the best part of the night is always spending time with friends! Here’s Sarah, author of A Life Vegetarian, enjoying some Lovebug.
Here are Keith and Andreas recounting their hardcore adventures with VegStrong.
Keith and Andreas
And here we are wrapping up the night with Emily and Melissa. We’ll be back next month for sure!
Emily and Melissa
Fun at Vegan Drinks