Vegan Eggs Benedict

Welcome back to the week! We’re continuing on with Vegan Mofo. It’s Monday morning, and I bet you’re hungry. How about some Eggs Benedict? We had this one yesterday, and while our weekend staple is usually our famous Tofu Scramble, lately we’ve been segueing into this recipe because it’s so darn good and takes about half the time to prepare.

The hollandaise in this recipe comes from the awesome book Betty Goes Vegan, by Annie and Dan Shannon, the popular writers of the blog Meet the Shannons. I love this book!
We use May Wah’s vegan ham, you can also use whatever fakin’ bacon that you like, but I’m a big ol’ sham fan. Nothing starts the day off right like a belly full of sham.
Now, this recipe is written as a classic eggs benedict with all the ingredients on top of a muffin, eaten with a fork and knife, but Keith sometimes will make an extra english muffin and make his into an Egg McMuffin-type sandwich, neanderthal style (because forks and knives are hard).
Either way, this recipe is super delicious and you should make it. Now.