The Vegan Drag Queen

This weekend we checked out the Veggie Pride Parade in NYC. To be honest, it wasn’t much to write home about. Not a lot of vendors showed up. It was mad hot outside, and my New Englander husband does not like the heat. Even the dogs at the parade were hot. See?

Anyway, we were about to bail when we saw one of our idols: Honey La Bronx, The Vegan Drag Queen!

We had first heard about the show as Honey (aka Ben) is one of the hosts of Big Fat Vegan Radio, a new NYC podcast that we love. Ben hosts it with Laura Yaz and we think it’s the bestest. Here are some very cute pictures of us with Honey LaBronx.

(P.S. You can’t tell but I’m wearing this very cute shirt that I bought at HerbivoreClothing.Com that says “Bacon Had a Mom”. Because it’s true! All bacons had moms!)


Anyway, we have been watching the Vegan Drag Queen web series recently and were so excited to tell Ms. Honey that we recently made her chocolate chip pumpkin bread!


So, watch the video because it’s tons of fun. I made some adjustments to the recipe and promised Honey I’d post them here. She says in her video that the bread didn’t rise, so I substituted silken tofu for the applesauce and it rose up quite nicely. It turned out super ooey gooey and delicious. Here’s the recipe, as I made it:




Here’s a picture of the finished product! I should note that Keith said I am no longer allowed to take pictures with my crappy camera for the site, so from here on out, all pictures will be fancy pants frou frou pictures taken by Keith.  :-)


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