WFAS July Jamboree

As I’ve mentioned on this blog before, Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary is the most amazing place on earth, and the reason we became vegan. So, of course we headed up to the farm for their annual July Jamboree!
Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary
Lots of people turned out to see the farm.
Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary July Jamboree
And even though it started to rain a little bit, nothing could dampen our spirits.
Trying to stay dry!
There was great food, including Field Roast Hot Dogs and Sausage, and, if you can believe it, they actually got some Beyond Meat from the West Coast, which was incredibly good and I can’t wait until it makes it here.
Vegan Food!
There was also great music: here’s NYC’s own Lo Vee, a great musician and an amazing animal activist, performing!
The Lovely Lo Vee
Ok, onto the good stuff… here’s some pictures of the animals and us enjoying the day.
Pig Faces!
Those pictures aren’t at all embarrassing!
Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary July Jamboree
So many cute animals
I love pigs!
Chickens, Goats and Cows
More animals
On our way home we stopped by a creek near the farm.
Keith and I in Woodstock
Please, if you haven’t visited the farm already, go! Today! This place reminds me of the Paul McCartney quote: “If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian.” Once you meet these kind and gentle animals, you never want to see them end up on your plate.