Woodstock Sanctuary Fundraiser!

Last week was the fundraiser for Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, hosted by the fun and awesome blog, Will Travel for Vegan Food. Kristin from WTF Vegan Food was ending her yearlong travels, and celebrated with this WFAS fundraiser. It was an awesome event with lots of fun people, and raised a ton of moolah for WFAS!

It was a veritable who’s who of vegan bloggers. Here’s a pic of me with The Vegan Zombie (my absolute favorite web series ever!!), me with the Lovely Annie from Meet the Shannons and Betty Goes Vegan cookbook fame, as well as me with Jenny from WFAS and her co-author of the book The Lucky Ones, Gretchen Primack (aka my BFF).
Both Jenny and Doug from WFAS and Kristin from WTF Vegan food gave great speeches about the importance of supporting farm animals! What great and inspiring people. Have you visited the sanctuary yet? Go, posthaste, all ye vegans and aspiring vegans.
And oh yeah: THE FOOD. The event was catered by Jay Astafa, a brilliant young NYC vegan chef. I’ll be honest, there was so much more food that he made. But we ate it all before any pictures could be taken. I’m sorry, truly. Through a stroke of luck, one pic was snapped of his last course, tiny milkshakes. Adorbs and delicious!! But here, I’ll link to the menu for you to drool over.
Only because they held off on distributing the dessert spread from Vegan Treats did Keith manage to take any shots of the last course. If you haven’t had it before (and I feel sorry for you), Vegan Treats is a Pennsylvania-based bakery that makes the BEST DAMN DESSERTS you’ve ever tasted. Luckily the lovely owner, Danielle, ships to NYC so I get to eat them all the time. But never all at once, like this. I’m not ashamed.
I shared (a little).
So there it is kids! A great party for a great cause! Be sure to donate to Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary.